Narchem Corporation was established in 1984 as a specialist in contract research and development for the pharmaceutical industry. With the advent of ever-increasing outsourcing and contract work, the major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have proven that they can successfully leverage their limited resources with contract partnerships with smaller specialized research laboratories.





Chemical Product List: A partial list of chemicals that we currently offer.

Like the projects we undertake, our 10,800 square-foot facility has been custom designed to the highest quality standards. Product purity and batch monitoring is controlled by extensive analytical support. Our production equipment is specialized to handle highly corrosive intermediates in either glass-lined or glass equipment supplied by well-known manufacturers including Schott, Corning, and Pfaudler. Narchem's expertise includes the ability to carry out preparative pyrolysis work in quartz apparatus at temperatures in excess of 600o C. Low temperature capability includes a cryogenic 100 gallon stainless steel system capable of operating continuously at -75o C. Hastelloy and stainless steel equipment is available for other reaction conditions. The facility's systems are configured on a modular grid system, which permits us to reconfigure our standard designs to meet specific process requirements.

Narchem prepares pharmaceutical intermediates both in pilot scale (50 grams to 50 Kg) in the kilo laboratory and semibulk production runs (50 to 1000 Kg) in the plant. These volumes allow the partner company to prepare prospective new pharmaceutical candidates for both toxological evaluation and preclinical trials.

GMP Production Capability
As of January 2001, Narchem has successfully provided services for over 425 contract partners worldwide. Many of these contracts were conducted under cGMP protocol with strict confidentiality agreements.
Due to environmental concerns, we strictly follow all regulations concerning emissions and waste disposal.

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